PurifyMist™ Emma & Bruce - Mist Humidifiers


And the cutest sibling award goes to...

Just when you thought penguins couldn't get more adorable PurifyMist Don't be fooled though. These two cuties have a versatile all purpose design which seamlessly fuses portability and maximum efficiency and keep your spaces humid and fresh.

PurifyMist™️ Emma & Bruce Features

Enriching Mist: Just like our other purifying humidifiers this diffuser helps alleviate allergy/ respiratory symptoms, prevents cold and flu symptoms, kills viruses and bacteria (learn more about PurifyMist™ and fighting viruses here), gives you better sleep quality, revitalizes your skin and also works to eliminate irritating conditions such congestion and sinusitis. 

Aromatherapy: When droplets of essential oil like eucalyptus are diffused through our diffuser, a process that breaks down plant extract and oil into a very fine dry mist leaving no residue it preserves the intention behind our aroma and essential oil blends. This leaves the therapeutic powers fully intact to really submit your body, mind, and soul to our endless health and well-being benefits. Learn more about our preferred essential oils here.

Silent Diffusing: Ultrasonic silent humidifier with noise free design less than 35 dB when working, ensures a moisture and peaceful place. 

Easy Fill Base: 220 mL which provides you with 8 hour constant diffusing or 16 hour intermittent diffusing!

LED Ambient Lighting: Flip through 7 LED light colors to intensify and add character to your therapeutic oasis

Convenient Automatic Shutdown: Automatic protection of water shortage and safer to use. Designed with a 2-time smart-stop feature that automatically stops mist output after 4 or 8 hours.

PurifyMist™️ Emma & Bruce Specs:

Material   ABS+PP+Silicone

Size    99*85*108mm

Color    Blue,Pink

Working voltage  DC5V

Working current     400mA

Power    2W

Water storage capacity   220ml

Humidification   35ml/H

Work Time    Level 1 :8H, level 2: 16H

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