PurifyMist™ Charlie - Mist Humidifier

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Fun Fact: cacti are one of the only natural water carriers in a desert? If you find yourself struggling with dry air conditions, allergies/flu symptoms, or just want to add more life to your skin, add PurifyMist™️ Charlie from our signature Home Collection to your space. Available in green, blue, and pink, Charlie is here to heal your body and insinuate a zen-like oasis!

Charlie is an ultrasonic air humidifier and essential oil diffuser designed to brighten up any room rand with its unique, vibrant design With a built in LED night light, Charlie makes for a wonderful nightstand companion. Get a nice full night of rest and purify with Charlie to keep your air quality refined.

And if we’re all being honest, we can all use a little more cute cacti in our lives. 

PurifyMist™️ Charlie Features

Large Capacity and Great Mist Output:  Our Charlie has 500mL essential oil diffuser to keep you purified for 8-10 hours of continuous mist output making this cute little cactus a powerful tool!

Super Quiet and Auto Shut Off:  Adopted ultrasonic technology ensures this diffuser is extremely quiet when working, and convenient automatic shut off takes place when water runs out or is close to running out to ensure your safety.

Long Lasting: Lasts for 8-12 hours depending on usage and sometimes even more!

7 Mode Soothing LED Light: Soft light creates a calming and romantic atmosphere. The 7 different colors can be cycled through or set it to one fixed color. 

Feel Better, Live Healthier - Enjoy the vast amount of health and therapeutic benefits packed in this humidifier and double when you switch to an essential oil diffuser & discover the realm of Aromatherapy brought to you by PurifyMist!


Shipping Time Disclaimer: During our current times, shipping times may be extended an extra 7-20 days due to a massive decrease in jobs at our warehouses causing the shipping lines to be backed up.

PurifyMist™️ Charlie Specs

Noise Level: Ultrasonic

Type of Mist: Cool Nano-mist

Capacity: 340 mL (8-10 hours continuous)

Maintenance Type: Basic Water Tank Cleaning, Cotton Filter

Port: USB 

Humidification Method: Mist Discharge

Noise: <36db

Voltage (V): DC 5V

Power (W): 1.5-2W

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier

Application: <10㎡

Mist Output: 25-30 mL / hr

Humidity Control: Manual

Classification: Humidification

Timing Function: Yes

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