PurifyMist™ Freya - Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser


The PurifyMist™️ Freya is a beautifully-crafted, wood grain and marble finished diffuser/humidifier that works by utilizing different essential oils to create the utmost beneficial aromatherapy experience while doubling as a remarkably simple piece of decor. PurifyMist™️ Freya is a beautiful addition to any shelf, table, or countertop being that it is the most intricate design diffuser out of our Colonial Collection. With 7 different LED light settings able to brighten up any room. Not only is it an essential oil diffuser but if you just leave water in the base it doubles as a humidifier! Find yourself replenished by the ultimate benefits of utilizing both a humidifier and an oil diffuser.

Our essential oil diffuser/humidifier provides an unparalleled aroma experience. Our innovative design encompasses ease of use and silent operation. Several mist settings allow you to add your preferred touch of interval and intensity of your chosen aroma. 7 integrated LED lights provide complete control over color intensity, mode, and fade options to give your therapeutic oasis the romantic lighting it needs.

PurifyMist™️ Freya Features

2.4MHz Ultrasonic Atomization Design: creates a fine mist that maximizes efficiency and distributes essential oils effectively.

Easy Fill Base: 200ml capacity water tank provides up to 6 hours of continuous aromatherapy.

Intermittent Mist Option: Press the "MIST" button to choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/30s /steady on

Timer Option: Allows for auto shut off at 1 hours or 3 hours.

7 Color Led Light: Can be adjusted to your preference of 1 steady color or all 7 cascading colors. 

Low Noise: 25db design allows for peaceful use.

Smart Technology: Auto shut off when the water tank is empty. 

Shipping Time Disclaimer: During our current times, shipping times may be extended an extra 7-20 days due to a massive decrease in jobs at our warehouses causing the shipping lines to be backed up.

PurifyMist™️ Freya Specs

Voltage (V): 220-240V

Power Type: A. C Source

Timing Function: Yes

Noise: <36db

Operation Method: Remote control

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Shape: Light bulb shape

Power (W): 10w

Humidity Control: Manual

Mist Output (gallon / day): 35-50 ML/H

Capacity: <1L

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