PurifyMist™ Ourea - Mist Humidifier

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Inspired by the Swiss Alps, you’ll be sure to fill your air with just as reinvigorating as mountain air with the PurifyMist™️ Ourea. Invite the power of nature into your décor with this beautiful mountain designed essential oil diffuser/humidifier. Ourea is designed to create a soothing experience no matter the space it’s in. Whether in the bedroom to improve sleep quality or set the mood… or in the office to help diffuse some of the stress from a highly demanding job, unleash a new realm when you dive into one of our award-winning diffusers like the Ourea or check others part of Home Collection as well!

PurifyMist™️ Ourea Features

Purifying Mist: PurifyMist™️ Ourea can effectively reduce indoor pollution, inhibit bacterial infection, fight viruses, help insomnia, keep skin and hair replenished, etc.

Large Capacity: 400ML water, you could leave it on all night and not worry about refilling

Simple To Use: Works quietly, no special water required, and very easy to clean

Adaptable To Any Space: Can be used in any type room and portable for easy on-the-go diffusing

Low Noise: Our noise design provides a silent sleeping environment while still able to help you breathe easy.

Innovative Design: The humidifier will automatically turn off when it runs out of water preventing damage to the unit and keeping you safe

Relax In Peace: Safely moisturizes the air so you can breathe easy and get more restful sleep

Shipping Time Disclaimer: During our current times, shipping times may be extended an extra 7-20 days due to a massive decrease in jobs at our warehouses causing the shipping lines to be backed up.

PurifyMist™️ Ourea Specs

Material: ABS/PP/PET

Product weight :240g

Usage power:≤10W

Spray duration :60 minutes at regular intervals, about 26 hours at low grades, or about 20 hours at high grades

Power :Standard adapter

AC adapter output :DC24V/500mA

Water tank capacity :400ml

Product size :168 × 168 × 120mm

Product packaging :173*173*135mm

Adapter input :AC100-240V50/60Hz0.35Max

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