PurifyMist™ Matte Kitty - Portable Mist Humidifer

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Presenting PurifyMist™️ Matte Kitty, an ultrasonic humidifier that uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce a heavy mist to add moisture to any room. Our device is extremely user-friendly with a one touch control for all functions and an auto shut-off feature when the water runs too low. Equipped with an adjustable calming nightlight, and a beautiful, cute kitty inspired design, our humidifier makes a great addition to any desktop. 

This personal diffuser not only adds moisture to air, but also moisturizes your skin, relieves nasal congestion and purifies the air, keeping you healthy all the time. With the option to add essential oils to your water, it makes aromatherapy easy. Aromatherapy has many different benefits like antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, and antiseptic properties to help keep you and your loved ones thriving. Learn more about essential oils here to pair oils with your need to personalize your therapeutic experience.

Ultra-Quiet: Our noise design provides a silent sleeping environment while still able to help you breathe easy and explore the multitude of benefits our Matte Kitty offers.

High-Quality Material: PurifyMist™️ Matte Kitty is made from ultra-high grade, safe, and eco-friendly materials to ensure durability and lifetime.

Easy High Performing Operation: Adopted ultrasonic technology ensures this diffuser is extremely  effective when working, and convenient automatic shut off takes place when water runs out or is close to running out to ensure your safety.

Lovely design: Our adorable humidifier comes with an adjustable light making it the perfect nightlight for your bedside.

Feel Better, Live Healthier - Enjoy the vast amount of health and therapeutic benefits packed in this humidifier and double when you switch to an essential oil diffuser & discover the realm of Aromatherapy brought to you by PurifyMist™ !

PurifyMist™️ Matte Kitty Specs

Water tank capacity: 200 mL

Input voltage and current: 5V / 1A

Product power: 2W

Working current: 400mA

LED: 500-3500K

Body material: ABS + PP + silicone

Charging socket: USB MINI

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