PurifyMist™ Stella Mini - Portable Mist Humidifer

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The PurifyMist™️ Stella mini is an elegant rendition of our original Stella model and offers our advanced single spray nano-mist feature. Provides a soothing night light function and a wireless humidifying experience for up to 18 hours of continued use. Our compact humidifier manages to remain almost entirely silent allowing it to do the job inconspicuously. The Stella Mini is especially easy to clean, only requiring a light rinse every now and then, and a quick filter swap every few months. This humidifier is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easily portable and effective answer to dry air year-round!PurifyMist™️ Stella Mini Features

Long-lasting: The 500ml large capacity can continuously humidify for 12 to 18 hours, so you can stay away from dryness all night.

User-friendly: Press and hold the spray button once to turn on the LED night light (warm light). Press and hold the spray button again to switch to the breathing light (warm light). Press the button a third time to turn off the night light.

Dual-action: It has two spray modes: continuous spray and intermittent spray. You can switch according to the humidity of the room. 

Advanced Technology: Through ultrasonic vibration technology, it can transform liquid water into micron-sized mist. Additionally, unlike other humidifier's timed power-off function, this humidifier uses a more reliable anti-dry burn probe, which will stop humidification when the water level is lower than the probe.

Health Benefits: The fine spray makes you no longer feel dry in the air-conditioned room. It helps protect skin and respiratory health, etc.

Stylish Design: The exquisite shape makes it not only a useful humidifier but also a beautiful desktop decoration with 4 different colorways to go with any room.

Shipping Time Disclaimer: During our current times, shipping times may be extended an extra 7-20 days due to a massive decrease in jobs at our warehouses causing the shipping lines to be backed up.

PurifyMist™️ Stella Mini Specs:

Noise Level: Ultrasonic

Type of Mist: Cool Nano-mist

Capacity: 500 mL (10+ hours continuous)

Maintenance Type: Basic Water Tank Cleaning, Cotton Filter

Portable: USB charging

Voltage (V): 5V

Capacity: 500m'l

Power (W): 10W

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Function: Ultrasonic Sterilize

Power Type: USB

Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier

Application: 21-30㎡

Mist Outlet Quantity: One

Mist Output (gallon / day): 20-40ML/H

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